Caught boyfriend on dating websites

Oh and I forgot to mention, once I saw the new website, I went to the original one that I caught him on and his profile is still up. It pisses me off that he would use that picture to pick up other girls. Go take a cold shower. It just might stimulate your undeveloped mental facilities. How about you just chill and stop being such a sourpuss. Very well said Abby. She should have gone with her intuition from the very beginning. If the girl would have had any balls whatsoever, she would have left him the very moment he uttered his ludicrous excuse, of checking out other women "because he was bored".

If she would have a shred of intelligence, she wouldn't be writing for advice after finding the second profile and his updated first one For some it may be sarcastic or even mean to point this out. To me it's telling it like it is.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

You're going to find more than a few who are going to make negative comments about the letters and your responses.. However, you will also find many, like myself, who enjoy it! You say what many think but don't have the balls to say. Eagerly awaiting your next post! Same thing happened to me- I dumped him the day I found out -without discussing it. I can think of few better ways a guy could demonstrate that he does not want to be with a girlfriend than to do this!

It's funny how Abby set the mood and led the way for all of her brainless followers to attack this girl. If she had been friendly and sympathetic they all would be too. Going through this myself at the moment and I'm fairly sure I'm not "a moron".

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Hope everything worked out with this girl. If he said he was just bored, why did he put on a picture and a profile.

Dear Abby's Waste Bin: Dating Sites And The Bored Boyfriend

The jerk was looking for something It happened to me too. And the idiot asked me to marry him and tolkd me he loved me all the time. We all deserve better. You will never be able to fully trust him, he will just hide his mail somewhere else.

When You Catch Your Partner in an Online Dating Site

Think about aids, stds, that should help you to figure he's not worth it! I was going to write a similar blog concerning this topic, you beat me to it. You did a nice job! Thanks and well add your RSS to come categories on our blogs. Thanks so much, Jon B.

Going through it once doesn't make a person a moron. Going through it twice certainly does. Any more than that and you might want to ask someone to put you out of your misery. I myself just left a man for good, because of the same reason. I caught him on tagged. He said he was just on there because he has no friends, and he can only relate to other women. I tried believing him, even though my intuition was telling me otherwise. I was making myself sick trying to force myself that I could ever trust him. I left him for a few days to think about things, and sure enough he had signed up for another dating site while I was away.

Needless to say, I left him for good last week, it's like a huge weight has been lifted.

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I know that I deserve so much better, and so do you. Please take my advice.. YOU are better than that. I did and I feel wonderful now. I'm going through a similar thing too. We are in councelling and hoping we can get a grip on this, good luck but without help it will always be the same arguement. He's put out tons of cash out for a councellor, so I hope he's truthful when he says he'll never cheat on me , and that he would leave me first before he went for another woman.

I'm going throught the samething, I have been with my boyfriend for a year now and I do alot for him, but anyway this past weekend thing just didnt feel just right for some reson so i started looking around on some sites and there he was right out in the open saying he was looking for a outgoing women for long term. At that point I was about to blow my top, So i sent him a text asking him about it. At first he started to say he did this to see if i was snooping then he went on to give me 5 other resons, he is out away from home alot for work so he was trying to say he was bored then it was I make him sound like other men.

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  8. He did take the ones I seen down but he keeps saying he was trying to amuse hisself!! All I can think is wow he thinks I was born last night.

    Most Helpful Guy

    Hi, You have done very well!! There are lots of online dating sites, you can join any of them and can find a perfect match for you.

    Why is he on dating sites?

    You have done good job Just caught my boyfriend of five months on a new dating site on his smart phone picture of him password user name. We had previously gone to two counciling sessions. He told me he wanted tonsure me was even looking at rings.

    Said he loved me more than anyone ever he's been married twice booth wives mysteriously left each in 3 yrs of marriage. Not to mention he would hold me and rub my hair and say how beautiful I was when he was married to the second wife. We even made out once. He said she was such a bitch that's why he did it. Now he's doing it to me. First and last married guy I'll ever give a minute to.

    Ps there separated now so he's with me. Until 2 days ago when I saw the dating site. I'm Sigurd and confused a's to why a person would lie like that. You can find dating tips articles alongwith tips on how to find a boyfriend. Here you can know how to get him and how to make him happy with you and to keep him with you in a long term relation of pleasure. To find a boyfriend Bye Bye take care.

    I just got out of a relationship with a man that I kept finding on dating sites. I wanted to believe him so badly He continued telling me he loved me and was even talking marriage. How the hell do you trust someone like that though? I loved him, but he's completely addicted to the Internet.