Dating leo man taurus woman

She is rarely anywhere in which there is a possibility of meeting anyone new, and when she is in such places, she tends to be extremely uncomfortable. A Leo man usually has a crowd fawning over him, so he may not notice a quiet Taurus woman who is sitting in the corner either by herself or with a few close friends. On the other hand, the fact that she is sitting off to the side and not trying to get his attention may bother him, which may prompt him to approach her. If he does approach her, she will probably warm to him very quickly. It is hard for anyone to resist the charm of a Leo man.

A Leo man pays a lot of attention to his appearance, so he will be well-dressed. This is something that a Taurus woman will notice and appreciate. Being very practical, a Taurus woman will also be impressed by the prospects of someone who can gather so much attention around him. Dating will be a slow process. Neither of them will rush into anything, but if they continue to enjoy each other, slowly and surely, their relationship will deepen and grow.

There is always a tension between signs that square each other, but such tension tends to be hot and sexy. It is very common for there to be a great deal of chemistry between any two square signs, and Leo and Taurus are no exception. A Leo man brings a flair to the bedroom, just as he does to every other area of his life. For her part, a Taurus woman will bring a gentle sensuality.

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They will settle into a comfortable routine for both of them, and this will be a source of deep bonding for them. The talents and temperaments of a Leo man and Taurus woman will complement each other and make them an excellent husband and wife pair. A Leo man loves to entertain and for his house to be his castle. His archetype is the King, after all! While a Taurus woman is not extremely social, she does take great pride in her cooking ability and her ability to make a beautiful and comfortable home. It will not bother him that she will not be as interested in entertaining guests.

Indeed, that will give him more room to shine in front of them.

Leo Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

She will happily support him in what she will see as networking to advance the wealth and security of their family. When they are not entertaining, a Leo man and Taurus woman will have a quiet coexistence together.


Both of them like routines, and they will quickly settle into them together. A Taurus woman will not be as demonstrative and flattering as a Leo man would like, but he will notice all of the things that she does for him and for the household. They will balance each other well as parents, and they will take on rather traditional roles as father and mother.

He will want to be treated as the head of the household, while she will take care of the practicalities of caring for the children and the family. He will be generous and playful with the children, and they will soon learn to ask him for money rather than her. They may have more difficulty when the children get older, as neither of them will be very flexible with the changes that adolescents inevitably bring. Working together will be a bit of a challenge for a Leo man and Taurus woman. As they are both Fixed signs, they will be rather set in their ways.

Still, it will not be as bad as it could be, because no matter what he may say, she will tend to smile at him and do things in her own way. He will not mind that, so long as she gives lip service to him being in charge. The truth is that he will do things in his own way as well, and they will settle into a routine together.

Leo man and Taurus woman

If a Leo man and Taurus woman go into business together, they will have a natural division of labor, with him handling the sales and her managing the money. A Leo man and Taurus woman will usually settle into different spheres in their life together, which will reduce the amount of friction and conflict between them.

This is a good thing because if these two ever do get into a disagreement, it can become a real problem. Both of them are extremely stubborn, and neither of them will budge from a position or an argument. One source of difficulty that they may have is that a Taurus woman is unlikely to give a Leo man the amount of attention that he wants and needs. She will quietly go about the business of running their household. A Taurus woman shows her love by doing things rather than speaking words of affection. This may leave him feeling irritable and unloved.

The important thing will be for him to understand and accept her for who she is. If a Taurus woman were to try to shower him with the praise that he craves, it would seem forced and inauthentic, which would not satisfy him anyways. She does love him and admire him. Even though I love him with all my heart and we have a great time when were not mad at each other…if I could do it all over again I would NEVER let him into my life.

No kidding, u cud come across a few leo guys who are some players quite rare though! They both have similar tastes and habits which compliment eachother very well! I also have a leo rising which helps. From my personal point of view, there is no man in all of the signs more loving, more giving, more attentive than the leo man!

He loves love, he loves having responsibility in love and taking care. It really would destroy the relationship. If you are a taureen like myself, just be urself, and show him that natural sensual side which he adores!

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In my opinion, you gave the best advice on here!! I am with a Leo man and like you am a Taurus with a Leo rising. I find that when my man is busy and I text or call I can get ignored and I sometimes take it to heart.

Thanks for the tips!! Ever since i first saw him i was head over heels. Our familys are extremely close and have always cracked jokes about us getting togther! I feel he is a typical leo man to some extent. He has the big ego, and loud fun pesonality which i love, but it does make me go all shy around him. He has so much sex appeal, and im actually good looking myself and generate quite a bit of attention, and i know for a fact it has made him jelous.

Should i be more forthcoming a little, and a little more flirt or should i take it slow. We been out together once. Thanks to u all for the great advic help and tips…. Hi in love with Leo!

I liked that at the end.. Are u a taurus? He may be shy and too prideful to mention it first, so he will wait for you too. Though if u want this guy to like you, be confident, dress in ur best, be flirty and firendly, but NOT skanky! Be playful like him, show him loyalty, and perhaps be a little quiet too and shy, this he may be drawn too.

Leo Man and Taurus Woman

The good thing with this guy is that u dont have to play any mind games or guessing games! I hope it all goes ur way! Jus dont try too hard.

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This has been the hardest relationship ever. I must say when it was good it was GOOD. The passion was always there but the leo man was very demanding, selfish and never thought of me on birthdays, christmas or any other occassion. I can honestly say I hate I meet him and they are hard to get rid of.

when a taurus woman meets a leo man

He calls over a times a day. The leo man knows how to come back right once you argue but thats only for the moment. The communication is horrible. I dated a leo guy for about 9 months. The chemistry was amazing from the being. But when we would have arguments they would get extremely out of hand and we would break-up and usually end up back together after a day or 2. This time when we broke up he tried to come back and I ignored his calls and text for about a week because I felt like I was tired of going back and forth. But after a week I broke down and decided I really love him and tried to reach out to him and he told me to let it go.

Its been 3 weeks and I miss him terribly. Even though we had our issues I love him and want him back. Do you think there is any chance a Leo man would come back????